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This 8 part Chinese New Year Holiday Fun series, for 3-8 year olds, includes:

  • There are 8 sessions. Sessions 2-7 can be done in any order and as few or as many of them as you wish:
    • What you will need
    • 1. Introduction to Chinese New Year and travelling by air!
    • 2. Dragon making
    • 3. Music making for the dragon dance
    • 4. Cleaning and making cherry blossom
    • 5. Banners and money envelopes
    • 6. How to make Chinese Lanterns
    • 7. Restaurants and Chinese food
    • 8. Getting together and celebrating

Chinese New Year Holiday Fun Series


An 8 part holiday fun series for 3-8 year olds with Teacher Tiff

This 'Chinese New Year' series consists of 7 videos and one PDF section.

The first session is 25 minutes long and the rest are under 10 minutes each. All to be watched by your children with adult assistance.

Teacher Tiff takes your child on a magical adventure on an aeroplane all the way to China to experience Chinese New Year.

The first session sets the scene and instigates lots of wonderful role-play and imaginative learning. The subsequent videos show different elements of the preparation for the celebration and involve lots of craft-making. For this, all you need is red A4 paper or card, black felt pen, scissors, sellotape, Bluetac, some recycled things such as a shoe box, 2 yoghurt pots or an egg carton, a bed sheet and some tissue paper, twigs or string and pink paint (depending on which activity you choose). The final activity has a live gathering on zoom for any family doing this series in half term February 2024. Otherwise there is a written suggestion for a family celebration to round it all up.

Want some fun this half term?

Wish you could think out of the box and stimulate some fun imaginative and creative play?

Let me do it for you... This series of videos could literally fill your half term. There is so much breadth of activity that will stem from this, you won't need much else all week!

Would it be your dream to see your child doing lots of writing this holiday? Try this series, I bet it works!

Would you love for them to learn some geography and about different cultures and traditions in a fun follow-along way that then instigates lots of follow-on fun?

Then this series is definitely for you and your 3 to 8 year olds.

What are Holiday Fun Sessions and who is Teacher Tiff?

Holiday Fun Sessions

These are a continuation of the Story Time Fun sessions, loved by so many... but with a difference.

Instead of all being live sessions on Zoom, these are recorded and can be viewed and followed any time. They are specifically designed to instigate lots of imaginative and creative play and of course learning through story-telling, crafting, music-making, writing, reading, and the occasional get-together live on zoom to pull it all together and get social and celebrating all their hard work.

Each series focuses on a different theme with lots of short sessions showing you how to do one or more related activities in each one.

The purpose is to help your child learn through having fun and to help you as parents have a cheap and very valuable way of entertaining them through the holidays.

So who is Teacher Tiff?

I am a Primary school teacher/Early Years and Key Stage One specialist of over 20 years, who runs an online business to help parents support their children academically, socially and emotionally as they prepare to start school and through their first few years. I run two memberships for parents, and also make courses and these holiday fun sessions to support you with your child's primary school journey.

Please note these sessions are ALL included free in the memberships and to purchase by non- members.

Chinese New Year Holiday Fun Series


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"Holiday Fun Series"

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Chinese New Year Holiday Fun Series