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"The Going to School" Membership

This is the only membership of it's kind, providing you, the parents, with much-needed support as your children start in Reception and travel through the first few years of school. Teacher Tiff, your bridge from home to school; demystifies what school is like nowadays, explains how the curriculum is taught and supports you with what your child needs to be happy and successful when they start and go through school. A more experienced and approachable person would be hard to find. Mother of 4 and teacher of over 20 years. A specialist in the Early Years, nursery through to year 2 and beyond, a fountain of knowledge and ideas, full of positivity and creative solutions. A trick for every problem, an idea for every issue.

And accessing her? That's easy, simply join the membership for that personal, individual support, bespoke to you and your child's needs as well as access to all the resources in the portal, regular zoom meetings on specific subjects and a private Facebook community for members to support each other.

The needs and support will look different depending on the age of your children, so I have separated it into three sections. The FIRST section is not in here, it is a separate membership for preschoolers and covers the year before they start school (go to 'The Preparing for School' Membership above in the header). The second is this Membership which supports you while your children are in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. But if you have Both preschoolers and schoolgoers, you can choose the Membership Bundle option and have both for less than £5 a month extra.

The next section is divided by age into

  1. The first year of school
  2. Progressing through school

If you're on a mobile phone, scan down till you get to your child's 'age' section to find out how this membership will help you.

Going to School Membership

per month
This Membership is for parents of children in:
    • Reception

    • Year 1 

  • Year 2

What is the membership and how can it help me?


Time is close, they've visited the school, they know what it's all about and anxiety is building...

How do you keep them positive, help them understand there's a long time to go till September?

What do you need to have ready?

How do you get them in a good routine and prepare them for those first daunting days?

What do you do when they become clingy and won't go in in the mornings, what strategies can you use?

What do you do if they become monsters after school each day displaying behaviour you've never seen before? They start talking about feeling lonely in the playground, not having any friends or feeling scared in the dinner hall, what can you say or do to help them through it?

Then the homework begins and they throw a paddy, refuse to engage or just simply struggle to do it, telling you that you do it all wrong! Or many love it and are ready for so much more, but what more should you give to keep them engaged and loving learning?

How do you help them read these when they don't know their sounds yet? Reading is taught through phonics but it's all new to you, phonemes, graphemes, digraphs and trigraphs, let alone tetragraphs and split digraphs! How do you help them learn to read and what do you write in a reading diary every day?

Your child tells you you're doing it all wrong, they are meant to be forming their letters a particular way but what is that way?

And Maths, well that's a whole new story! Numbers aren't written until the end of reception so what is learnt, what are number sentences, number bonds and number families, 1 to 1 correspondence and subitising?

So what can you do?

School brings so much new, so much unchartered territory. Even with older siblings it all feels like you're starting afresh and in the dark each time.

Who can you ask?

How do you get quick answers?

How can you get reassurance?

Who gives the parents support, there's plenty for the children, but what about us?

How do I know I'm doing it right?

Doing all I could be doing?

That my concerns are normal?

That my child is doing OK?

What is coming next ?

What will they be learning?

What do I need to know?

If you'd just love the answer to these questions, to feel supported, to know where to go to have these answers and guidance, then this membership is definitely for you...

The content and support very much follows the year. For those who have a child who has just started school, the support needed is different. The children are very tired, they have worked really hard all day, they do not need lots of extra activities and learning. I share information more for parents, to ensure you know how everything is taught and how to help your child exactly in line with school and how your child is learning it. I share the phonics, the reading, the maths and the writing tips alongside the progression in schools, keeping parents one step ahead. I share what the curriculum looks like and what they will be learning as well as how, but with far fewer resources as time is short. The most important support needed and given is social and emotional help.

Being a member with a reception child is more about individual support when problems arise, and having access to Tiff for guidance if things get tricky, always on hand with a trick or suggestion that invariably makes all the difference both to you and your child. At this stage, it is all about how to help your child love school and thrive there.


What does each school year coming up look like and how can I best support my child to ensure they thrive?

Your child progresses to year 1, and the curriculum changes entirely.

Very new expectations are in place and so much new to get your heads around.

Suddenly the challenges change and are about helping your child with friendship issues, with anxieties, self confidence, meeting their potential.

To be a member of the membership for those with a child in Year One or above is very much about getting support with individual problems as they arise.

Accessing a teacher for suggestions on how to help your child with areas they find difficult, social or academic.

Having someone who knows where to find materials to support or different ways to explain concepts.

To know what they should be learning, whether they are where they should be and how to help them if not. The support given to members with these older children is very bespoke, often with mini videos made specially to answer a question or help you explain something, demonstrating a method or idea.

Bespoke help like this is unheard of, especially at such a price. You really do have a teacher on tap. Perfect for those wanting to support their children themselves, without the need for a tutor, be it to catch up, keep up or race ahead, to ensure your child meets their potential.

For those with special educational needs, to have individual bespoke help could be a complete life line. Although she'd never describe herself as a specialist in SEN, Tiff is incredibly experienced with all types of needs, from autism, ADHD to dyslexia and processing issues. She tutors 5-11 year olds daily, many with EHCPS and a couple of her own children are also SEN.

If you want to be intentional and knowledgeable, save a lot of time searching for ideas and solutions and know you have a reliable source to turn to whenever needed, then this membership is for you.

Going to School Membership

per month
This Membership is for parents of children in:
    • Reception

    • Year 1 

  • Year 2

The Membership Provides:



Shared ‘real’ experiences

A community


Mini courses


Personal support and guidance

Direct access to an expert, both as a teacher and a parent of 4

How do you access this?

Through a membership messenger group,

A private membership Facebook group

Direct messages with voice notes and text to me for individual support

Through regular live webinars with question-and-answer sessions

Resources and how-to videos in the website portal

Members Views:

I recently asked all the members what they most valued from the membership.

·       Was it the regular webinars on how to help with phonics, with meltdowns, with separation anxiety, with their homework? Apparently, they love this, but no.

·       Was it the resources, mini courses and many activity ideas to support parents with the academics and the social-emotional aspects of going to school? These have been useful to dip in and out of, but no!

·       Is it the community and support from each other in the private face book group? They said this has been great, but still no!

SO WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT that keeps all my members loving the membership and shouting about it so loudly? (See the reviews below...)

Apparently, it’s having a teacher on tap.

They all said that to have someone as experienced as me to message and ask for ideas and support when needed, no matter how small the issue and to know that within hours they would likely hear back with suggestions and reasons why this might be happening or how they could tackle it, has been incredible. They have found just knowing they have access to me, a very knowledgeable and experienced educator and mother, has been invaluable and the most reassuring support they could wish for.

So if you would love access to this, to me (!)

Would love the reassurance and support

To have your mind put to rest

To know just what to do

To know just how to be the best parent you can be

To help your child reach their full potential from the off-set...


Join the membership and have your questions answered and the stress and worry removed as we travel this journey called school together!

Going to School Membership

per month
This Membership is for parents of children in:
    • Reception

    • Year 1 

  • Year 2

From Primary teacher/ Early Years lead to Parent Mentor

After over 20 years in the classroom, as a deputy head, head of maths, art and DT as well as head of Early Years and Key Stage One, all at different times, Tiffany Docking now works from home as a tutor of 4-11 year olds and a parent mentor. When she started tutoring, the uptake was enormous and she quickly developed a waiting list. This made her realise just how lacking personal support for parents was to support them in helping their children themselves.

To help more parents, she now does 1:1s, runs a free Facebook group Teacher Tiff's Primary Educational Help For Parents | Facebook, courses and memberships to help parents better support their children, right from the start of their going to school journey. She draws on her extensive and very relevant experience as mother to her 4 children and all her years teaching 3-9 year olds, including many neurodivergent pupils. She really is the go-to person for empathetic but very practical advice, on academic areas but especially on children's social and emotional needs. There's no question or problem Tiffany Docking hasn't got ideas and solutions for. She really is your bridge from home to school, the person to go to when you're not sure where to turn for advice - be it about how to prepare your child to be ready to learn when they start school, to suggestions for how to help the child who's not settling or is experiencing problems with others at school, right through to how to make learning, eg spellings fun and engaging. She is your very own Teacher-On-Tap!

Going to School Membership

per month
This Membership is for parents of children in:
    • Reception

    • Year 1 

  • Year 2

How being in the membership has helped me with all my children