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How to Choose a Primary School - complete parent's guide - ebook plus hour long webinar video

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I am so excited to help you with one of the most important decisions you will make since your little one was born.

This period can be filled with dread and confusion, and many parents just like you will be in the same boat.

I am here to help take away the fear, turn the unknown into the known, and answer all the important questions you have that will make this period a breeze!

Visiting the schools is arguably the most helpful part of the process, but which schools are worth visiting and what do you need to take note of or ask when having a tour? 

There’s so much more to it than a visit. 

This information-packed webinar and booklet covers...

  • Where to start your search and your research?
  • How do catchment areas, admission criteria and waiting lists work?
  • What’s the bigger long-term picture to be aware of from the start, when choosing?
  • What are academies and free schools and why might this affect your choices/catchments?
  • What should you look for and request to see when you visit?
  • What questions should you ask to see the 'real' school and behind the scenes?
  • What are the differences between big and small schools, what are the pros and cons of each?
  • What difference does class size and year group mixing make?
  • What is important and what isn’t when comparing?
  • What about admissions?
  • What to do if my child doesn’t get in?
  • Are backup choices necessary?
  • What order should we put our choices on the form for the best chance scenario?
  • What hidden costs are there to school choices?
  • Can I delay or defer my child’s start date?
  • What if I am considering home educating but am currently unsure?
  • What about special educational needs and accessibility differences?
  • What to look for if your child has health issues, a disability or allergies?
  • How do we know if it is a good school?
  • What are Ofsted reports and how important are they and their ratings?

If you are at this very important point in your life and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing a school for your child, not sure where to start or what to consider, then this webinar and guide is for you. It even has all the deadline dates for this year's registration and beyond.

This webinar and 14-page guide were written with the inside knowledge of a primary teacher with over 20 years of experience and former deputy head, combined with her knowledge and experience as a parent of 4 children who have been through 6 different schools.

Both are very easy to digest, with no jargon and a very 'real' and objective view of what is most important in reality when choosing a school. It clearly explains what to consider, why and in what order and breaks down the steps to take to decide in time. It also has a section on Ofsted reports, home education and delaying or deferring your child's start. There is a really handy printable page of 'Questions to Ask when Visiting Schools' too.

FREE BONUS! This pack also includes a 'Managing Medical Needs while at Primary School' booklet, completely free.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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