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The membership for those with Preschoolers

Parenting is hard. When they start nursery we breathe a sigh of relief, thinking it'll get easier now...

But it really doesn't. New challenges arise, new questions, new problems...

How do I help them share and take turns, make friends and express their needs?

What can I do to encourage independence and confidence to separate from me more easily, toilet, dress and be more independent?

How can I instil a love for learning, for experimenting, for challenging themselves?

How will their language and speech ever be understood by others? Should I be concerned and seeking help before they start school?

How do I prepare them for school, to feel confident and excited about starting?

What do they need to know and be able to do to start school and progress well?

How can I help them reach their potential and race ahead if able?

Do they need to be able to write or read to start school? What can I do to ensure they are ready for this?

They are a summer baby, will they cope and keep up? Should I consider deferring them or starting them part-time?

They have special needs and or medical needs how will this affect them at school? How will their needs be met?

You've seen Teacher Tiff's Choosing a School webinar, you've downloaded the booklet on choosing a school, you've visited and chosen and applied for a school.



Which package is best for you?

If you have children in Preschool AND older ones in Reception/KS1, then I highly recommend you get the MEMBERSHIP BUNDLE which includes both this membership and the 'Going to school' Membership all for only £4.98 more than having just one of them (a saving of over £20!). It will then set your whole family up to fly in one go!

Getting READY Level - For Preschoolers

per month
This membership is for

All who are at preschool or nursery and starting school within 18 months

A member's experience of being in the membership with preschoolers and older children

The membership for those with Preschoolers

You have the rest of the year to prepare your child as best you can.

  • Does time feel short and feel like they are never going to be school-ready?
  • You'd just love to have a guiding and reassuring hand to show you how and help you?
  • To let you know what's normal?
  • To show you what can make a real difference?
  • To explain school's expectations and what they will need to be able to do and what they won't be expected to know yet too?
  • To have it all in manageable actionable chunks through the year, building as we go?
  • Are you just dreading losing them?
  • Does school feel like a big scary place for such a little person?
  • Are you worried about handing your precious bundle over to unknown adults?

Then you're in the right place.

This membership must have been made just for you...!

The content and support follows the year with ideas and suggestions changing as the time to start school approaches. In the autumn the support is about choosing schools for those with a first child starting, becoming more independent, developing speech and language and gross motor muscles. Learning to do things for themselves like dress themselves and tidy up.

In the winter and spring, the focus also includes fine motor development ideas, listening and understanding, developing a love for books and stories, and social skills such as sharing and turn-taking.

By the summer pre-reading and pre-writing skills and activities are shared, independent toileting, organisation and social skills are helped with. Lots of ideas are given to prepare them for making friends, being excited about school and coping with extended separation. Full support is given also for the practicalities of getting ready for school with uniforms, routines etc.

And this is just in the portal!

In addition to this you also have:

  • THE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP which is for all members in both groups
  • Access to me on a 1:1 level through texts and voice messages, your teacher in your pocket
  • Access to all the visiting expert speakers (at least one a month), behaviour specialists, dietary and fussing eating experts, sleep consultants and various educational specialists for SEN and subject specifics
  • PLUS our in-house wellbeing and behaviour specialist who's always available in the Facebook group
  • Every new member also gets a FREE 1:1 with me for 15 minutes, if wanted, to discuss their child and ask for advice privately
  • A monthly Q & A session on zoom
  • A messenger group to keep up to date on anything that's coming up with links to Zooms
  • And a members' chat inside the group.

If you have several children in pre-school AND in school already, then the MEMBERSHIP BUNDLE is for you - this is a bundle offer to both the Preparing For School Membership and my other Going to School Membership, where you get the two memberships together, the whole shebang for less than £5 extra a month! (A saving of over £20!)

Getting READY Level - For Preschoolers

per month
This membership is for

All who are at preschool or nursery and starting school within 18 months

Members sharing their experiences in the membership...

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From Primary teacher/ Early Years lead to Parent Mentor

After over 20 years in the classroom, as a deputy head, head of maths, art and DT as well as head of Early Years and Key Stage One, all at different times, Tiffany Docking now works from home as a tutor of 4-11 year olds and a parent mentor. When she started tutoring, the uptake was enormous and she quickly developed a waiting list. This made her realise just how lacking personal support for parents was to support them in helping their children themselves.

To help more parents, she now does 1:1s, runs a free Facebook group Teacher Tiff's Primary Educational Help For Parents | Facebook, courses and memberships to help parents better support their children, right from the start of their going to school journey. She draws on her extensive and very relevant experience as mother to her 4 children and all her years teaching 3-9 year olds, including many neurodivergent pupils. She really is the go-to person for empathetic but very practical advice, on academic areas but especially on children's social and emotional needs. There's no question or problem Tiffany Docking hasn't got ideas and solutions for. She really is your bridge from home to school, the person to go to when you're not sure where to turn for advice - be it about how to prepare your child to be ready to learn when they start school, to suggestions for how to help the child who's not settling or is experiencing problems with others at school, right through to how to make learning, eg spellings fun and engaging. She is your very own Teacher-On-Tap!